Friday, October 16, 2009

You know you're a freak when . . . - Family Photography San Diego CA

So I was trying to get an outfit from the baby's armoire today when I tripped. I laughed at myself. When my husband asked what was so funny, I said "oh nothing". He said "Don't tell me you put my baby in the armoire for a picture!" This is what I have become: The woman who sticks her kids in strange objects for a good picture. I'm ok with that.
Here's one of both my girls. I really love chub's blue eyes and I hate the shadow on Munch's face but it's cute anyway. I made the mistake of trying to take this near a playground and the Munch would have none of it. She kept making a break for the slide. I coerced her into coming back for kisses with the baby. She would kiss the baby and then run. So I gave up. What a sweet big sister though!

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